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One Day by Marta Nestorowicz
One Day by Marta Nestorowicz Wrocław
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COSTA Miejsce Inspiracji
COSTA Miejsce Inspiracji Wrocław
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Florystka Katarzyna Nawrot-Radwan
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Pracownia Mayflower

Anita Kaczmarek

Pracownia Mayflower

O nas

Lovely to meet you here!

I’m Anita – founder and designer of Mayflower Workshop. The place where we are in love with the little wedding things – ribbons and personalised wedding stationery coated in delicacy of our ribbons. It is right here in my little creative work studio where you will find the two worlds of paper and fabric coming together and connecting to create something truly magical. Everything from start to finish is designed with love and made by myself. Our little manufacture is based in London since 2020 where each day we learn something new, improving our skills, and never stop trying to offer one – of – a kind, unique, the highest quality products!

Would you like to hear a short story how it all started?

Alright then, welcome you!

It all began with the preparations for our wedding. Having spend countless weeks on Google looking for a ribbons to my wedding bouquet and with no luck finding something suitable to my taste, I had finally hard enough. It was exactly at that moment; the seed was thrown onto my creatively fertile ground and the idea of Mayflower has been born (in 2019). I haven’t plan to open my own business until back to the country of origin (Poland) but when the pandemic struck, this brought about many changes in my life. I have lost my contract job and after couple of months the idea of having Mayflower has been back. Since that day, my creative fire continues to burn brighter and every passing day I try to develop new ideas for you.

My promise to you is that I always put my whole heart into what I do and I will continue to do so. I hope that you will also find some part of yourself in my little world.

We are excited and grateful to be a part of your special event!

Visit our Instagram @pracowniamayflower for plenty more of our beautiful wedding ideas.

Much love,


15 zł - 60 zł

Oferta - Pracownia Mayflower

Zaproszenia ślubne

5 zł - 15 zł

Zawiadomienia ślubne

5 zł - 15 zł


3 zł - 10 zł

Wstążki jedwabne Habotai

30 zł - 40 zł

Ręcznie rwane wstążki jedwabne do bukietów ślubnych.

Wstążki szyfonowe

15 zł - 30 zł

Cięte wstążki szyfonowe do bukietów ślubnych.

Opinie - Pracownia Mayflower

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Co znajduje się w Twojej podstawowej ofercie?

W naszej ofercie posiadamy w sprzedaży cztery rodzaje wstążek do bukietów ślubnych, zaproszenia ślubne, pudełeczka na obrączki, przysięgi ślubne oraz scrunchie zaprojektowane i wykonywane przez moją Babcię

Kontakt - Pracownia Mayflower

Pracownia Mayflower

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